Why a Twin Bed Made So Much More Sense in My Adult Apartment




Jum'at, 25 Agustus 2017 10:46:08

My bedroom is roughly 140 square feet; it is not exactly spacious. Before moving in, I had my roommate at the time, an architect, send me a floor plan so that I could mock up the room, from what furniture I wanted to where it would go. I knew that for the room to feel livable, let alone spacious, I would have to downsize my bed.

So I left my full-size mattress behind and took up the hunt for a twin bed, starting, as we all do, online. An image would turn up from time to time—small bed tucked chicly in one corner of a room, suggesting monastic impulses and a sense of serenity—but Pinterest is, for the most part, a dreamscape, the digital turf of kings and queens. I did not have an expanse to decorate, I had a corner to consider.


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